Monday, November 1, 2010

And we moved in to the tool shed. We should have made it bigger.

Filling in trenches.

So, we are starting a new project adding a basement bathroom. We cut out some concrete to put in the drain pipes for bathtub, toilet, and sink. The plumber came today and put in the pipes and we spent the rest of the day putting new concrete in the trenches.

Notice the very cute front doors with glass in them and the brick walkway. If you look closely you can see Oregon moss between the bricks.
The shed got finished........or at least we are calling it done.
We had a chance to escape from Bountiful and headed to Oregon to see everyone up there. We actually got to be there for Quincy's blessing. It was a great day.
This location should look familiar to everyone. It is one of our favorites. We make a lot of wishes here.